Thursday, November 6, 2014

may your heart fly ...


The lily-perfumed wings of love
Will lay the dust of all your grief.
Patience my heart, and struggle on.
For when love binds,
It binds you to the tyranny of a racing steed,
And when love scatters,
It flings the soul-like fragments of the stars
Out of the ambergris scented woods.

Love makes of each moment an eternity
And tends the garden of the heart's desire.
When love mocks, ruby tears fall heavy as pomegranates
And when love looks, it sees your deepest mystery.

Love seeks out the tears of hidden hearts
And turns not from the Lovers of the Dawn.
Is there a remedy for the pain of love?
Or is it too unbearable for thought?

One taste of the medicine
And you will realize just how sick you have been.
Those who plead in the defense of love
In love's judgement shall find grace
And to that court, Hafiz
May your heart fly...



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