Saturday, May 13, 2017

this existing, that arises ... there is no real production, only interdependence


In the Mahayanist interpretation of the Chain of Interdependent Originations* ... birth, decrepitude, death, are no longer represented as the stages of life in the human individual who is born, develops, grows old and dies ... in the sun or in the grain of dust, each atom which constitutes it individually lives the perpetual drama of birth, old age and death.


The cycle ... takes place in everything, everywhere, in the infinitely small as in the infinitely great.
Its development does not take place in time
: the twelve causes listed are always present, co-existent and interdependent, their activity is interconnected and they only exist one with the other.

In fact, the "Interdependent Origins" are in no way a description of incidents occurring to a being which would exist apart from them. Each being is the "chain of interdependent origins" as this latter is the universe and outside its activity neither being nor universe exists.

*The Chain of Interdependent Origins
(The 12 Causes)

Samskara (mental formation or compounds)
Name and form (Body and Mind)
Sphere of the Senses (senses and their objects; the mind being counted as the sixth sense)
Existence (becoming)
Old age–Death

–Alexandra David-Néel
The Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects


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