Saturday, February 15, 2014

science meets non-dualty



  1. Hmmm, I am extremely impressed. I haven't' heard of biocentrism before this video. So, thank you.
    Lanza reminds me of Heidegger in Being and Time and Spinoza with his pantheism.
    As he was talking I was thinking of how if humans don't know reality but we do know our own consciousness, to a very small degree, then I don't know know if you or anyone else truly exists. But if there is only one big consciousness, Being, then time and space can begin to make sense and I know you as the self of my being. Food for thought for many days. Thank you again for sharing this. See, this is why I love blogs over all those other things like FB, Twitter, etc.

  2. yes. i am now wary of teachers who are not trying to gently support me in coping with the experience of things really not being what they seem ... thanks for taking the time to comment.