Wednesday, May 3, 2017

a warrior sets her life


A detached person, who knows she has no possibility of fencing off her death, has only one thing to back herself with: the power of her decisions. She has to be, so to speak, the master of her choices. She must fully understand that her choice is her responsibility and once she makes it there is no longer time for regrets or recriminations. Her decisions are final, simply because her death does not permit her time to cling to anything.

And thus with an awareness of her death, with her detachment, and with the power of her decisions a warrior sets her life in a strategical manner. The knowledge of her death guides her and makes her detached and silently lusty; the power of her final decisions makes her able to choose without regrets and what she chooses is always strategically the best; and so she performs everything she has to with gusto and lusty efficiency.

–Don Juan Matus
A Separate Reality