Thursday, August 3, 2017

converting cemeteries into forests

"The Bios Urn is a fully biodegradable urn designed to convert you into a tree after life. Mainly composed by two parts, the urn contains a seed which will grow to remember your loved one. Bios Urn turns death into a transformation and a return to life through nature.

For humans and pets."

A magnificent body
Form follows function

"Thanks to the Bios Urn construction, the seed germinates in the top capsule, separated from the ashes. Once the urn stars to biodegrade seed roots are already strong enough to contact the ashes. With biodegradation the entire set becomes part of the sub-soil."

choose your tree

* where i live, although not common knowledge, cremation 'ashes' - actually calcium - are not legally considered human remains. so, it seems that these could be 'buried' wherever any tree could legally be planted ...

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