Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Almanac of Last Things


From the almanac of last things
I choose the spider lily
for the grace of its brief
blossom, though I myself
fear brevity,

but I choose The Song of Songs
because the flesh
of those pomegranates
has survived
all the frost of dogma.

I choose January with its chill
lessons of patience and despair–and
August, too sun-struck for lessons.

I choose a thimbleful of red wine
to make my heart race,

then another to help me
sleep. From the almanac

of last things I choose you,
as I have done before.
And I choose evening

because the light clinging
to the window
is at its most reflective
just as it is ready
to go out.

–Linda Pastan


1 comment:

  1. Jeez. I thought you died! Welcome back from the dead.

    I have your poems and prose on my list of favorite poetry sites. Love that you connected me to Nabokov. I just shared that with Charles Blow, NYT who lost another loved one.